Clovery Woods of RestClovery Woods of RestClovery Woods of RestClovery Woods of RestClovery Woods of RestClovery Woods of Rest


How can I mark the resting place?

After a year you may apply to have a wooden plaque placed on the resting place.

Can I put in plants?

You may plant spring bulbs such as snowdrops, crocus, bluebells and daffodils close to the tree but nothing else.

Will Clovery always be here, what will happen when you are not here?

Yes Clovery will continue in perpetuity

When can I visit?

Any time during daylight hours, the gates are never locked.

Can I have a wooden coffin?

Yes, as long as the wood comes from a sustainable source and there are no metal or plastic handles or nameplates.

Can you bury ashes?

Yes, we can either inter them in an eco-friendly container or lift a piece of turf and scatter them underneath.

Are we allowed cut flowers on the resting place?

Yes, and on request we will sink a container to keep them fresh for longer.

May I bring my dog?

Yes, dogs are welcome provided they do not cause a nuisance to others and any mess is cleaned up.

Do we have to have someone to take the service?

No, you can organise that yourselves.

How many people does the Hall for the Celebration of Life hold?

There are 90 seats and standing space for a further 30.