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Current charges for interment and other services provided by
Clovery Woods Of Rest


Standard Places Main Area


Pre death

Pre death Single £650
Pre death family second (& subsequent places) £600 each

Post death

Post death single £1,450

Dedicated Tree New Wood

Pre death single dedicated tree £800
Pre death family second dedicated tree £750
Post death single dedicated tree £1,600
+ cost of tree

Ashes (Main Area)

Pre death scattering £130
Pre death scattering (2nd place) £110
Pre death interment £220
Pre death interment (2nd place) £200
Post death scattering £200
Post death interment £360

Ashes (New Wood)

Pre death interment beside hedge £260
Pre death interment beside hedge for 2nd place £200
Post death interment beside hedge £400

Digging and Backfilling Only

Single body £800
Scattering ashes £70
Interment ashes £140
Prices correct as of 1st February 2024 More Information
Pre-death agreements may be purchased by manageable installments. Details on request.

Once purchased and confirmed there will be no supplements or other charges added to pre-death agreements, although digging and backfilling will be charged at the rate applicable at the time of request for interment.

Contact us should you wish for a price for burial in our new area with a new exclusive tree to be planted at the time of burial.